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Featuring a MWIR thermal imager, optional HD color and low-light cameras, and multiple laser payload options, the FLIR Star SAFIRE 380-HD is fully ready for today's multi-role operations. When integrated with AIMS-ISR moving maps, the SAFIRE 380-HD unlocks augmented reality mapping with enhanced stabilized camera control, auto multi-track cueing, and much more.

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For operators and integrators tasked with today's demanding operations, AIMS-ISR paired with the Star SAFIRE 380-HD is the ultimate ISR solution. Features include augmented EO/IR feeds for geo-referenced one-click control, intelligent mission data management, unparalleled integration flexibility, and more – all while maximizing FLIR's default EO/IR capabilities & efficiency.

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Further enhance the Star SAFIRE 380-HD's multi-domain capabilities with multiple sensor integration, unified data management, and track display with AIMS-ISR moving maps.

Picture of FLIR 380 workstation in action on aircraft

Intuitive EO/IR Control

When powered by AIMS-ISR, controlling the Star SAFIRE 380-HD is intuitive and customizable – all while visually referencing augmented reality EO/IR feeds utilizing TacVision. Intelligent terrain correction and Moving Maps integration means multi-step tasks are now possible with a single click or touch.

Screenshot showing vessel inspection with eo/ir camera

Complete C4ISR Solution

Harness the powerful EO/IR capabilities of the Star SAFIRE 380-HD in tandem with a full multi-sensor suite. AIMS-ISR processes all mission data, including maritime AIS tracks and radar, if equipped, in one unified Local Operating Picture (LOP) for maximum situational awareness.

Screenshot showing aerial firefighting with FLIR eo/ir

Flexible Integration

The Star SAFIRE 380-HD and AIMS-ISR system is available for rapid integration on fixed-wing, rotary, RPAS, and aerostat platforms. Utilizing it's flexible plugin architecture, AIMS-ISR enables integrators to reduce risks and costs by deploying trusted C4ISR COTS.

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The Star SAFIRE 380-HD is compatible with AIMS-ISR. Have questions? CarteNav’s ISR Enablement Team is ready to discuss integration for your program.