Setting the new standard for real-time and historical ISR mission data in a Common Operating Picture.

Manage missions from an intuitively powerful web interface. AIMS-C4 allows real-time communication and data sharing between operators, analysts, and decision makers.

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Put Mission Data to Work
Inform Decision Making


Utilize historical and 3rd party mission data to expedite planning.


Visualize all deployed platforms within one Common Operating Picture in real-time.


Instantly message and share mission data between operators, analysts, and decision makers.


Operational insights from historical mission data for rapid decision making.

Command & Control

Whether managing platforms in the air, on land, at sea, or all of the above – AIMS-C4 keeps special mission operations in sync and connected.

screenshot of AIMS-C4 showing the mission dashboard

All Missions. All Platforms.
One Operating Picture.

In addition to historical mission data, all deployed platforms display in a single real-time Common Operating Picture with secure and easy access via a web-based interface. With AIMS-C4, access a complete picture of the day's operations – enabling powerful collaboration & rapid decision making.

Communication from
any Workstation

Sharing and receiving secure mission data is foundational for today’s complex security, safety, economic, and environmental operations. Instant messaging with data sharing keeps crew, and Command & Control operators informed and in control.

Illustration showing connection and communication between different vehicles and ground station

At a Glance

  • Command & Control

    • Real-Time Asset Tracking & Management
    • Custom Map Layers
    • 3rd Party Data Integrations

  • Communication

    • Instant Messaging
    • Browser-Based Cloud Access
    • Agency-Level Permissions
    • Multi-User Simultaneous Accessibility

  • Data Management

    • Secure Data Storage (imagery, video, metadata)
    • Geospatial & Contextual Archive Search
    • Graphical Area Vectors

  • Ease of Integration

    • Hardware & Mission Management System Agnostic
    • Intuitive & Easy-to-Learn Interface
    • COTS C4ISR Software

Mission Data Management

Securely store all mission data, including imagery, video, radar data, metadata and more. Once saved, mission data is organized and readily searched by narrowing results by keywords, time, geographical boundaries, and other metadata, all presented in an interactive map with visualizations of found mission data.

dfo aircraft

Command & Control with AIMS-C4

Put your mission data to work for efficient planning and data management. Our team will provide a custom demonstration and guidance for deploying AIMS-C4 for your unique Command & Control process.

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