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PrecISR Airborne Multi-Mission ISR Radar By Hensoldt

Hensoldt’s PrecISR radar offers high-resolution imaging across air, sea, and land. When integrated with CarteNav’s AIMS-ISR mission software, operators gain direct access to streamlined data processing and operational agility on a single local operating picture. For programs utilizing the PrecISR radar, AIMS-ISR facilitates streamlined systems integration, rapid decision-making, and reduced program risk.

Picture of Hensoldt's PrecISR radar

AIMS-ISR + PrecISR: Future-Proof your Multi-Sensor Platforms

Via a close partnership with Hensoldt, CarteNav enables integrators to seamlessly integrate AIMS-ISR with Hensoldt’s PrecISR radar for multi-sensor platforms, enabling data processing within a system-of-systems approach, and enhanced operator efficiency on a local operating picture. For operators, AIMS-ISR is highly adaptive for multi-mission configurations – facilitating rapid decision-making and reduces operational complexity. With support for modular plugins, capabilities, and common operating picture software such as AIMS-C4, CarteNav ensure your platform is future-ready.

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Screenshot of AIMS-ISR integrated with PrecISR radar

Full PrecISR Control. Multiple Sensors. One Mission Software.

Further enhance the PrecISR airborne multi-mission ISR radar’s capabilities with multiple sensor configurations, unified data management in a common operating picture, and unified track display with AIMS-ISR moving maps.

Screenshot of AIMS-ISR integrated with PrecISR radar doing a Spot SAR

Streamlined PrecISR Radar Integration

With a close partnership with Hensoldt, CarteNav’s AIMS-ISR mission software minimizes or eliminates non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs – facilitating a seamless and cost -effective integration solution.

Screenshot of search using PrecISR radar in AIMS-ISR mission system

Renowned AIMS-ISR Operator Interface

Used in over 60 countries, leverage AIMS-ISR’s pre-configurable interface and modular sensor control. Operators can expect a familiar, efficient, and powerful operating picture when operating the PrecISR radar and other sensors.

Screenshot of AIMS-C4 common operating picture data repository handling PrecISR radar data on the ground

Data Handling for Today’s Complex Missions

AIMS-ISR handles large data files, such as GeoTIFFs, with seamless down sampling for use with change detection tooling and native track data tools such as alerts, filters, and cross-cueing – with further data dissemination with AIMS-C4 on the ground.

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The PrecISR Airborne Multi-Mission ISR Radar is compatible with AIMS-ISR. Have questions? CarteNav’s ISR Enablement Team is ready to discuss integration for your program.