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Osprey 30 Radar By Leonardo

Leonardo's Osprey 30 is a compact multi-domain ISR AESA Radar. AIMS-ISR supported operations include Maritime Surveillance modes, SAR mapping, Moving Target Indication (MTI), Air-to-Air surveillance, and much more – all while fully integrated with AIMS-ISR's intuitive moving maps & sensor control.

Osprey 30 360 array

Multi-Domain Radar for Multi-Sensor Platforms

Harness the Osprey's full multi-domain capabilities alongside EO/IR sensors – all controlled & managed on one mission system. The Osprey 30 is a uniquely versatile sensor in a small package. Whether seeking challenging targets in the sea, covering vast swaths on the ground, or air-to-air – the Osprey 30 powered by AIMS-ISR is the ideal low size, weight and power (SWaP) radar system for today's multi-domain operations.

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A screenshot of AIMS-ISR mission software interacting with the radar and and EO/IR camera

Full Radar Control. Multiple Sensors. One Mission System.

Further enhance the Osprey's multi-domain capabilities with multiple sensor integration, unified data management, and track display with the AIMS-ISR moving maps.

Osprey radar showing inverse synthetic aperture image

SAR Imagery from Radar and Beyond

Don't gather data from siloed sensors. With AIMS-ISR, gather SAR imagery in tandem with EO/IR, SIGINT track data, and more for full coverage and maximum efficiency.

Radar Data Management

Automatically process all mission data, including radar, in one unified database. Review, replay, and analyze on-the-fly within AIMS-ISR – including intuitive Moving Target Indication replay & SAR imagery enhancement.

Osprey 30 radar showing alerts and filters on a local operating picture moving maps system.

Moving Maps Integration

Combine Maritime Surveillance modes with customizable moving maps for unparalleled situational awareness while tracking challenging targets. Further enhance tracking with optional ADS-B and AIS track data.

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The Osprey 30 Radar is compatible with AIMS-ISR. Have questions? CarteNav’s ISR Enablement Team is ready to discuss integration for your program.