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I-Master By Thales

The Thales I-Master is a compact airborne surveillance radar that seamlessly integrates with AIMS-ISR to show pattern of life monitoring, change detection, and wide area coverage directly on the Interactive Moving Maps Display.

Thales I-Master Radar on white background

Radar Coverage for Moving Maps

Track tactically important targets referenced on the AIMS-ISR Moving Maps Display for Ground Moving Target Indication, Ground Mapping, Change Detection, and Moving Target Indication – all in a lightweight package working in-tandem with other sensors such as EO/IR and AIS receivers.

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Screenshot of radar sweep

Radar for Any Mission on Any Platform

With AIMS-ISR, the compact I-Master is suitable for a wide range of platforms from unmanned aerial vehicles to multi-engine fixed wing aircraft.

Ground & Maritime Moving Target Indication

Track multiple moving targets on the ground directly on the interactive AIMS-ISR Moving Maps Display. AIMS-ISR enables the operator to manage multiple maps and track from multiple sources alongside radar such as AIS signals.

Unified Multi-Sensor Data

Enhance system capabilities by unifying data from multiple sensors into one Local Operating Picture (LOP) with the AIMS-ISR Mission System. Augment radar target search with filterable AIS track data and confirm with the equipped EO/IR sensor.

Screenshot showing synthetic aperture image edit

ISR Mission Data Management

Quickly process radar data alongside other mission data streams in AIMS-ISR, including Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) image editing, Moving Target Indication (MTI) replay, and track metadata logging.

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The I-Master is compatible with AIMS-ISR. Have questions? CarteNav’s ISR Enablement Team is ready to discuss integration for your program.