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Euroflir 410 By SAFRAN Electronics & Defense

Containing up to 10 sensors, including up to 4 lasers and 1 single multispectral spotter, the Euroflir™ 410 is a perfect high-performing match for AIMS-ISR to conquer today's multi-role operations. When integrated with AIMS-ISR, the Euroflir 410 unlocks multispectral & ultra-long-range observation, day/night, and precise geolocation – all referenced with AIMS-ISR's renowned moving maps, mission management, and multi-sensor capabilities.

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For operators and integrators tasked with today's demanding operations, AIMS-ISR paired with the Euroflir 410 is the ultimate ISR solution. Benefits include augmented EO/IR feeds for geo-referenced one-click control, intelligent mission data management, unparalleled integration flexibility, and more – all while maximizing EO/IR capabilities & efficiency.

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Further enhance the Euroflir 410's multi-domain capabilities with multiple sensor integration, unified data management, and track display with AIMS-ISR moving maps.

Screenshot of Euroflir 410 feed

Intuitive EO/IR Control

When powered by AIMS-ISR, controlling the Euroflir 410 is intuitive and customizable – all while visually referencing augmented reality EO/IR feeds utilizing TacVision. Intelligent terrain correction and Moving Maps integration means multi-step tasks are now possible with a single click or touch.

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Complete C4ISR Solution

Harness the powerful EO/IR capabilities of the Euroflir 410 in tandem with a full multi-sensor suite. AIMS-ISR processes all mission data, including maritime AIS tracks and radar, if equipped, in one unified Local Operating Picture (LOP) for maximum situational awareness.

Screenshot of AIMS-ISR controlling Euroflir 410

Flexible Integration

The Euroflir 410 and AIMS-ISR mission system are outside the scope of US ITAR with a mandate for flexibility. The system is therefore available for rapid integration on fixed-wing, rotary, RPAS, and aerostat platforms. Additionally, AIMS-ISR enables integrators to reduce risks and costs by deploying trusted ISR COTS.

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The Euroflir 410 is compatible with AIMS-ISR. Have questions? CarteNav’s ISR Enablement Team is ready to discuss integration for your program.