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ELM-2022 Airborne Maritime Patrol Radar By ELTA Systems

ELTA System's ELM-2022 Radar is a long-range airborne maritime patrol radar specialized for detecting small targets in adverse sea conditions. Integrated with AIMS-ISR, the ELM-2022 Airborne Maritime Patrol Radar seamlessly operates alongside additional payload sensors in the moving maps display. Other innovative features integrated with AIMS-ISR include range profiling of a tracked target while scanning, capable SAR imaging, and much more.

ELM-2022 Elta Maritime Patrol Radar isolated on white background

Airborne Maritime Radar for Moving Maps

Harness the ELM-2022's full maritime capabilities alongside EO/IR sensors – all controlled & managed on one mission system. The ELM-2022 is a uniquely cost-effective long-range radar in any weather and at any time of day or night. Whether seeking challengingly small targets in the sea or penetrating clouds, rain, smoke, fog, and human-made camouflage – the ELM-2022 powered by AIMS-ISR is the ideal cost-effective and flexible radar system for today's airborne maritime patrol operations.

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A screenshot of a radar in spotlight SAR planning mode

Full Radar Control. Multiple Sensors. One Mission System.

Further enhance the ELM-2022's airborne maritime patrol capabilities with multiple sensor integration, unified data management, and track display with the AIMS-ISR moving maps.

Gif showing filters remove tracks from the moving maps

Alerts & Filters

Remove irrelevant mission radar tracks. By creating custom rules based on range, zone, track speed, and more, operators can narrow the breadth of information shown and create alerts for rapid dissemination of relevant mission data.

screenshot showing radar track replay

Radar Data Management

Automatically process all mission data, including radar, in one unified database. Review, replay, and analyze on-the-fly within AIMS-ISR – including intuitive radar track data replay & SAR imagery enhancement.

screenshot showing radar tracks

Moving Maps Integration

Combine Maritime patrol modes with customizable moving maps for unparalleled situational awareness while tracking challenging targets. Further enhance tracking with optional ADS-B and AIS track data.

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The ELM-2022 Airborne Maritime Patrol Radar is compatible with AIMS-ISR. Have questions? CarteNav’s ISR Enablement Team is ready to discuss integration for your program.