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CarteNav’s AIMS-ISR Mission Software Achieves DO-178C Qualification for Integrated Flight Planning with Flight Management Systems

CarteNav’s AIMS-ISR Mission Software Achieves DO-178C Qualification for Integrated Flight Planning with Flight Management Systems.

Today’s missions are complex and without boundaries. To better equip operators addressing security, safety, economic, and environmental threats when every second counts, CarteNav is pleased to announce DO-178C qualification for AIMS-ISR, allowing enhanced navigation data transmission and automated flight planning with select Flight Management Systems (FMS) – advancing the critical link between ISR operators and flight crew. 

Halifax, Nova Scotia — Sept 14th, 2021 — CarteNav, the leading C4ISR mission platform for today’s uniquely complex surveillance operations, is pleased to announce the successful Transport Canada DO-178C level D qualification of FMS integration capabilities, including automated flight planning and enhanced navigation data transfers within the AIMS-ISR mission software. 

This qualification marks the end of a 3-year development powered by a wholly Canadian team of CarteNav software developers with aircraft integration conducted by St. John’s based airborne mission solution provider, PAL Aerospace, engineering and testing by PAL Engineering in Vaughan, with advisory support by Montreal based Certification Center Canada (3C). The newly qualified capability advances the critical link between ISR operators in the back with the flight crew in the front – providing the exceptional situational awareness and efficiency that AIMS-ISR operators have come to expect. 

The new flight planning capabilities enable mission operators to create flight plans within AIMS-ISR contextualized with sensor and mission data. Operators can then push those flight plans to the cockpit FMS for acceptance by the flight crew. This integration is compatible with multiple FMS installations, with AIMS-ISR supporting cross-fill functions for safe and efficient flight deck management. These integrated flight planning capabilities are available during all ISR phases of flight – improving operator situational awareness & efficiency.

“Our team always strives for rock-solid reliability and operator situational awareness. DO-178C certification for integrating critical navigational functions of an ISR platform is, therefore, an important milestone for our evolving C4ISR solutions that the team and I are very proud of,” said Carl Daniels, COO of CarteNav. “Achieving DO-178C certification makes AIMS-ISR one of only a few tactical mission management systems to meet the highest standard of commercial airworthiness certification. I’m excited to see our customers put this technology to work in operations in which every second counts.”

“3C was extremely pleased to work with our colleagues at CarteNav and PAL on this all-Canadian project,” said Phil Cole, VP Business Development at 3C. “Successful projects like this establish enduring relationships, encourage future business for all those involved, and strengthen local supply chains, even during a pandemic.”

“PAL Aerospace operates ISR operations globally often simultaneously with numerous government agencies. Seamless communication of vital mission waypoints and surveillance patterns between tactical mission commanders or sensor operators and the cockpit are critical to efficient and safe flight operations, especially in crowded airspace.” said Ben Boehm Senior Vice President of Aerospace Operations for PAL Aerospace.

About CarteNav

CarteNav, established in 2002, develops ISR Mission Software for security, safety, economic, and environmental operations. The Canadian-based team has built its reputation on embracing challenges others may avoid, such as integrating with the world’s most innovative sensors that extend the operator’s capabilities far beyond the status quo – achieving ISR capabilities for threats that are complex and without boundaries. And with over 500 customer installations in over 40 countries, CarteNav’s ISR Mission Software is built to be highly adaptable for meeting today’s diverse operational requirements.

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About Cert Center Canada

3C is a Transport Canada approved independent flight test and certification Design Approval Organization (DAO) providing a Canada-wide centralized resource with proven management, tools and methods to undertake civil and military aerospace projects requiring flight test and certification. 3C provides consulting services, training, tools and access to test facilities that reduce customers’ certification risks, costs and schedules, helping them bring their ideas to market quickly. Our considerable experience, growing team of delegates and test pilots, and broad DAO delegated scope make us a reliable and trusted independent partner for the planning and management of all certification projects, regardless of their size and scope. 

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About PAL Aerospace

A member of the Exchange Income Corporation family of companies, PAL Aerospace is a Canadian-owned and operated international aerospace and defence company. With a focus on intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, in-service support solutions and aircraft engineering and modification, PAL Aerospace is recognized by governments and militaries for on time/on budget delivery and high reliability rates. PAL’s record of accomplishment now extends to operations in Canada, the Americas, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. PAL Aerospace offers a single point of accountability for its programs and takes pride in being the trusted choice for clients worldwide. 

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