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CarteNav Software Selected by Channel Island Air Search for New Search and Rescue Aircraft

CIAS selects CarteNav's AIMS-HD software to be new mission management system for their Islander SAR aircraft.

CarteNav Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce their cooperation with Britten Norman and Channel Island Air Search (CIAS) in supplying a new mission management system for their Islander search aircraft.

“The use of CarteNav will mean a quantum leap forward, taking us to the leading edge of search capabilities, for which we are extremely grateful.”

Britten Norman are supplying an interim aircraft to CIAS, allowing them to continue search operations, while they build a brand new Islander for the charity which is anticipated to be ready towards the end of next year. At the heart of the new mission system is AIMS-HD, a software solution from CarteNav Solutions Inc. that integrates a WESCAM MX10 EO/IR camera and an AIS system, and will be hosted on a Britannia 2000 Compact Airborne Mission Computer (CAMC).

CIAS PBN-2B Islander 'Lion's Pride' over South coast of Guernsey
CIAS PBN-2B Islander ‘Lion’s Pride’ over South coast of Guernsey

Roger Dadd, founder of CIAS said, “For CIAS the choice of CarteNav was made after a thorough evaluation of our updated requirements and after 15 years of experience with thermal imaging equipment. The Company have been exceedingly supportive, recognising that we are a purely charitable organisation. The use of CarteNav will mean a quantum leap forward, taking us to the leading edge of search capabilities, for which we are extremely grateful.”

AIMS-HD provides full camera control, video recording and display, and allows the operator to show a variety of track and geographic data geo-referenced onto a digital moving map.

“CIAS is ideally placed to benefit from our AIMS-HD mission management system,” said Paul Evans, COO of CarteNav. “It provides the right tools for the job, and ensures that CIAS will be able to carry out its excellent work for years to come.”

“The operators can change the interface to show whatever they need, depending on the current stage of the mission. They can add filters or search areas, and see these on the video display, as well as the moving map,” he concluded.

CIAS is based in Guernsey airport in the Channel Islands, just off the French coast of the English Channel, one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. They offer primarily a comprehensive, rapid-response search service covering approximately 4000 square miles and they respond to between 30 and 40 call outs each year.

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