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CarteNav Launches Expanded Radar Capabilities for Flagship AIMS-ISR Software at Singapore Airshow

CarteNav’s AIMS-ISR mission system software products now include significantly extended airborne search radar integration.

CarteNav Solutions Inc., the international leader in mission system software solutions today announced a new radar control capability for its AIMS-ISR software.

This latest offering from CarteNav significantly extends the capabilities of the software, and provides users with comprehensive radar control capability, fully integrated into its existing software interface.

“The information now available to the operator from the combined feeds from the radar and the EO/IR camera, coupled with that of other sensors, has created an incredibly powerful user interface.”

Adding this capability to AIMS-ISR means that existing radar functionality, such as sensor control, sensor display, and data management is now accessed more easily.

Steve Watson, VP of Business Development at CarteNav, commented: “We are delighted to be launching our latest mission system software at the Singapore Airshow. AIMS-ISR with radar has been developed to provide a more flexible and intuitive interface for radar operators, and can be used for a wide variety of missions, from maritime patrol to border surveillance.”

Although Singapore Airshow 2016 marks the official launch of CarteNav’s latest software, it is already in service with an undisclosed military user, and is in the process of being delivered to other customers.

Mr. Watson continued: “By integrating full radar control into the software and combining it with our Tactical Vision overlays, the operator now has improved geographic context for radar data and enhanced situational awareness from the local operating picture (LOP). The LOP features radar tracks, AIS, and other sensor data overlaid onto both live video and the dynamic moving map. The information now available to the operator from the combined feeds from the radar and the EO/IR camera, coupled with that of other sensors, has created an incredibly powerful user interface where a single user can quickly access and process all the information needed for the mission”.

This new software will be demonstrated in public for the first time at CarteNav’s booth, V67 at the show.

About CarteNav

CarteNav Solutions Inc. is an international leader in mission and sensor management software solutions for the airborne, land, and maritime environments. Founded in 2002, CarteNav offers operationally proven technology that integrates, manages, and displays relevant data that dramatically improves the performance of both sensor operators and tactical decision makers. The company has established a reputation for providing sought-after, high-value solutions that can be deployed on a wide variety of platforms for multiple mission types for government, military, and commercial customers.

About Singapore Airshow

Singapore Airshow is held every two years and is Asia’s largest aerospace and defence event, and is one of the most important air shows in the world. The six-day event in 2014 boasted US$32 billion of deals announced during the show, with over 1000 participating companies from 47 different countries. The exhibition showcases the latest state-of-the-art systems and equipment, together with their related technologies and developments displayed by the top aerospace companies from around the world.

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