C4ISR Solutions for
Aerial Firefighting

Today's aerial firefighting operations are fast-paced and uncompromising. CarteNav's C4ISR mission software maximizes the effectiveness of aerial firefighting aircraft. AIMS-ISR and AIMS-C4 offer a complete mission data lifecycle with flexible systems integration and intuitive operator control – delivering critical fire situation information to the ground in real-time.

Illustration of helicopters observing wildfire

See Through Smoke with Intuitive Sensor Control

Illustration of Helicopters mapping perimeter of wildfire

Track Wildfire Perimeters with Augmented Reality

Illustration of helicopters communicating with each other and an ops centre

Report the Fire Situation to Every Team in Real-Time

Real-time Management Tools for the Entire
Aerial Firefighting Mission Lifecycle

For real-time Aerial Firefighting operations in the field or mission management back at Command & Control – CarteNav provides C4ISR software covering the entire mission lifecycle.


Intuitive Control for
Multi-Role Aerial Firefighting Operators

For firefighting operators in the field, AIMS-ISR provides firefighting reconnaissance planning, hidden hotspot identification, fire perimeter tracking, and fire situation reporting in an intuitive and flexible moving map interface.

Screenshot showing wildfire fighting plan

Firefighting Reconnaissance Planning

Know before you go. Whether the reconnaissance flight starts with a suspicious smoke plume or an already raging wildfire, operators can immediately know where to look with imported waypoints shown directly on Augmented Reality Moving Maps. Custom mapping and data managers mean operators always know where to look and what critical infrastructure may be around them.

Screenshot showing history of fire patrol areas already searched

Time-Saving Capabilities for Routine Fire Patrol Spotters

For routine fire patrol, the augmented reality mapping engine can record EO/IR breadcrumbs on the moving map showing exactly where the spotter has already looked. Visual confirmation of where operators have already patrolled can be handed off between rotating crews – eliminating redundant spotting of the same areas.

Screenshot showing the perimeter of a fire being mapped

Fire Mapping that's as Fast as it is Accurate

AIMS-ISR's augmented reality mapping offers firefighting crews intuitive tools to see through the clouds and accurately map wildfires' perimeter. In real-time, reconnaissance operators can report the fire situation map and information such as acreage to crews and planners on the ground.

Screenshot showing an EO/IR feed of a forest fire overlaid on a moving maps display

Intuitive and Easy to Use

AIMS-ISR is built with ease-of-use and maximum situational awareness so operators can tackle multiple concurrent incidents on a single mission without strain. Rotating fire reconnaissance crews with no previous system experience can quickly become proficient with minimal training.


Aerial Firefighting Mission
Planning & Management 

Firefighting missions can be frequent and concurrent, with each generating vast amounts of information. AIMS-C4 manages fire situations in one Common Operating Picture (COP) while collecting and storing mission data for review and analysis amongst a distributed team.

Screenshot showing the fire fighting common operating picture

All Teams. All Fire Maps. One Operating Picture.

Manage reconnaissance in the air while feeding information to firefighters, command centre planners, and news media on the ground. AIMS-C4 is a single real-time Common Operating Picture (COP). Teams access this COP on any device via an intuitive web-based interface for rapid decision-making and maximum situational awareness.

Screenshot showing historical fire fighting data and imagery confined to geographical area.

Put Historical Geospatial Data to Work

Today's wildfire situations are volatile and fast-spreading. Daily reconnaissance generates vast amounts of imagery and geospatial fire tracking data. AIMS-C4 securely stores all gathered data to allow users to ask, "how has the situation changed day by day?" Or, "when was the last time this area was patrolled and by whom?" Or "show me post-fire damage imagery and video from this specific area for further analysis."

Screenshot showing instant messaging chat between fire fighting crews and operation centres on the ground

Real-Time Communication

Incident commanders have a direct communication line to aerial reconnaissance operators in the sky with live-chat and media sharing. Airborne operators can efficiently communicate the fire situation – establishing firelines & firebreaks.

Screenshot of AIMS-C4 showing all fire fighting assets in the common operating picture with other types of operations represented

Flexibility to Go Beyond Firefighting

AIMS-C4 is a flexible multi-INT platform configurable for operations beyond firefighting such as search & rescue, law enforcement, surveying, and much more. This flexibility is at the core of the complete mission lifecycle – ensuring every operator, platform, and sensor is maximized.

Customer Case Study
Heliwest Group

Located on Australia's rugged west coast, Heliwest provides highly accurate, real-time maps of the current fire situation to planners and firefighting teams on the ground. Other missions include search & rescue and linear surveillance – all executed using one common ISR mission system: AIMS-ISR.

Picture of Heliwest firefighting Helicopter flying

"With AIMS-ISR, we can provide highly accurate, near-real-time maps of the current fire situation to planners and firefighting teams on the ground. Without it, that would be impossible."

Tim Hand, Manager of Special Projects, Heliwest

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Going Beyond the Status Quo
Aerial Firefighting Operator Situational Awareness

For real-time operations in the field or mission management back at Command & Control – CarteNav provides C4ISR software covering the entire mission lifecycle.

Challenges Facing Aerial Firefighting Integrators & Operators

CarteNav C4ISR Mission Software Solutions

A limited selection of OEM supported firefighting reconnaissance sensors. The flexible plugin-based architecture of AIMS-ISR and AIMS-C4 support a wide array of sensors that allow operators to penetrate the smoke from multiple altitudes.
Lack of communication between airborne reconnaissance aircraft and ground teams. Real-time chat and sharing of fire situation imagery in a Common Operating Picture (COP) for planners and firefighters on the ground.
Single-mission only solutions. AIMS-ISR is a versatile Mission Management System that can support multi-role operations beyond firefighting such as search & rescue, maritime patrol, law enforcement, and much more!
Lack of custom mapping data for complex terrain and critical infrastructure considerations. Ability to import custom mission data, including zones, Points of Interest, address database, mapping, routes, and more.

What's Your Aerial Firefighting Mission?

CarteNav’s ISR Mission software is ready for integration with your Aerial Firefighting operation and chosen multi-sensor configuration – backed by a dedicated ISR support & training team. Schedule a demonstration today and discover the future of Aerial Firefighting.

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