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The Centaur OPA By Aurora Flight Sciences // Diamond Aircraft

Combining the best of crewed and uncrewed surveillance aircraft, Aurora Flight Sciences' Centaur is the ultimate in operational flexibility. With AIMS-ISR onboard, the Optionally-Piloted Aircraft (OPA) delivers unparalleled situational awareness to operators – georeferencing and managing mission data from equipped ISR sensors.

Cutout of DA42 flying without pilot

For Missions that Go Beyond the UAS Status Quo

The Centaur excels at persistent surveillance over controlled and large airspaces utilizing the safety and redundancy required for crewed aircraft – all in an exceptionally efficient long-range aircraft with low life cycle costs.

Wide angle photo of Side of centaur aircraft


The Centaur OPA is capable of fully autonomous operation, including ATOL, waypoint navigation and mission action commands. Situational awareness capabilities include automatic contingency handling, Traffic Avoidance System, and Mode S Transponder.

Diamond DA42 using radar

Complete C4ISR Solution

Harness the Centaur's powerful capabilities in tandem with a full multi-sensor suite and AIMS-ISR + AIMS-C4 for a complete mission data lifecycle – from intelligence gathering in the air to rapid decision making on the ground.

Diamond DA42 screenshot flying over English Channel

Uncompromised Range and Speed

Go beyond the UAS status-quo with the Centaur's efficient twin-engine reliability, large fuel payload, dedicated payload power bus, and FLight into Known Icing (FIKI) capabilities.

Request The Centaur OPA Integration Info

The The Centaur OPA is compatible with AIMS-ISR. Have questions? CarteNav’s ISR Enablement Team is ready to discuss integration for your program.